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Teacher Training and Mentoring

Yoga Instructor course | 200 hours


Our teacher training program is now open for everyone to sign-up.

We focus on serious students who have noticed the positive influence of Yoga on their own life. You are inspired to share that 'magic' with others. Our course will raise your confidence as a Yoga instructor as you will develop abilities and skills necessary for conducting group yoga classes. You will learn how to design sequences, combine asana, pranayama and meditetion in a class, how to navigate through the flow of Yoga together with your future students to the bliss and harmony.
The course has a flexible structure combining theoretical and practical sessions, online modules and exams, materials for your individual Yoga practice and more.
As the result of the course, you will receive a standard 200 hours Yoga Instructor qualification certificate allowing you to obtain a professional insurance and conduct classes independently.

Investment - $2600 paid as a $1000 enrollment fee and following $64 installments over 25 weeks period.

You can start immediately!
Before the New Year, you will be able to complete the theoretical modules of the course while mastering the basic elements of practice under our guidance. Once done, we will schedule the remaining modules with you.
To support your decision, we offer $100 Quick Start voucher towards your Enrollment for those who sign-up in November!

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