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Qualified and passionate teachers of Hatha Yoga Space have been practising Yoga for years. We experienced so many positive changes this practice brought to our lives! Every day we hear from our students about how they health and life have improved since they started doing Yoga with Hatha Yoga Space. Some of them have left a feedback for us. We kindly ask you to leave your feedback, to share your positive experience, to help others find their way to healthier and happier life.
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Feedback from our dear students ☺

Alyona and Anton ... there are not enough words to express the admiration and respect that I have for these two wonderful, amazing, beautiful, talented, inspirational people!! They are the most perfect couple that I have ever met and THE BEST yoga teachers that I have ever had. These two people are so dedicated to yoga, an art which they have well and truly mastered. See more...

They both radiate positive energy 100% of the time and are so willing to share their knowledge with others in an extremely supportive environment. They are so kind and generous with their time. Aside from teaching yoga, they also organise movie nights, hikes, retreats ... their energy is unstoppable!
About 18 months ago, I decided to try a yoga class at my local gym after not having done any yoga for about 8 years. I was incredibly fortunate to find Alyona teaching these classes, which I still regularly attend. I am really happy that Alyona and Anton opened up their own yoga studio early this year, as it was at the studio that I started classes with Anton. The extremely high standard of yoga and phenomenal skills displayed by these two remarkable teachers at every class leave me completely in awe. Their flexibility, strength, balance and control is exceptional. They are both world class, highly qualified, professional and genuine yoga teachers.
If you want to learn what yoga is really about, I very highly recommend trying out classes with both Alyona and Anton either at their lovely studio or one of the many locations around Sydney. It is difficult enough to find one very experienced yoga teacher ... here you will find two incredible teachers who live and breathe yoga. They will inspire, motivate, encourage and guide you through your entire yoga practice. You will work hard, but your mind, body and spirit will ultimately thank you for it.
Alyona and Anton ... I am extremely fortunate to have met both of you and THANK YOU for making such a huge difference to my life. I am eternally grateful. :-)

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Franka, DNA Results Management - NSW Police

I initially started yoga in order to regain some of my lost flexibility after returning to martial arts training after many years. Immediately upon starting my class with Anton, it was obvious he was the "real deal". He imparts his genuine passion for yoga to his students. Within 3 weeks, not only was I more flexible, I also felt more supple, relaxed and "centered". I now look forward to practicing yoga for its own sake. I can't recommend Anton enough.

George Smirilios, Criminal LawyerFacebook profile

Just had my first ever yoga class and was really impressed! I found everyone to be friendly and Anton was very patient and helpful. Even though it was my first attempt and things were a bit wobbly and a new experience for me. I feel like I've had a massage from the inside out, I feel so loosey goosey and any anger or rage I had has disappeared. Have to admit, I really enjoyed the meditation component tonight, had a very stressful day, wish I hadn't eaten as much as I did at dinner with work friends right before yoga, made a bit of a piggy out of myself :D
I haven't felt this relaxed in months, can't wait till my next class!

Heidi Prothero, NSW Department of HealthFacebook profile

Truly wonderful experience with a wonderful couple. Doesn't matter which level you're in, they manage to give you their undivided attention, so that each person feels special... I travel to their classes from Northern Beaches and it's worth it! Be it Bronte or Strathfield or any other place, it's always a pleasure!

Elena Koudinova, Office ManagerFacebook profile

As close to real yoga as it gets.
I've been to several yoga teachers around the world, and let me tell you - not all of them are the same. Of course there are many different directions in yoga, and not all of them are the same, but what I am trying to say here, is these guys have real passion for what they are doing. Yoga is the main thing in their life, and that's how they teach it. They don't just teach it as a mere fitness program, but rather as a complete practice for mind, soul, and body. I've attended a few yoga teachers in India, those that I consider to be a real deal, those that have dedicated their lives to yoga, and I must admit that Anton and Alyona are as close to that as it gets in a western world.

Alexei Masterov, Product ManagerFacebook profile

The course is very organised and helpful. In winter I used to feel cold in palms and feet. Also I have sufferred some pain in shoulders and back due to a lot of repeated daily lifting and stretching work. Through the yoga practise the circulation has been motivated and proper twisting and stretching help shoulder and back pain relief. I suffered less from the daily physical work. But sometimes after class, I did feel a bit dizzy in head or some hurting in some body part: like shoulder again or fingers. So I do not push myself too much in the class and the situation improves as well. The class is really something you like to devote your heart and mind into it. Thanks! all the teacher and the classmates, we made this happened!

SusanFacebook profile

Fantastic Yoga Teachers
I have been attending Anton and Alyonas' classes for close to a year now. The teachers are very attentive and can structure a class to include many different aspects of yoga practice. Always challenging but never too difficult, I have noticed the impact of continued practice on my energy levels and personal satisfaction. I always come out of a practice session with renewed power, energy and desire to continue my learning. The classes have opened up new areas of my body and mind and have taught me increased patience, strength and flexibility in all areas of life. Had I begun learning with different teachers, it worries me to think where I could be right now. I firmly believe I am receiving the greatest possible teaching for my personal situation. Anton and Alyona constantly motivate me and make me believe anything is possible. They are an inspirational team, and I thank them for the constant hard work they do to make my experience absolutely worthwhile.

Cameron Whipp Google+ profile

Stop thinking how you need to do yoga, just come and do it with Anton and Alyona! You'll be amazed!
It was extremely lucky for us to meet Anton and Alyona. Apart from being a fantastic people, they totally live, breath and dream YOGA! Yoga is in everything they do, it's their way of life. Even better, they share that passion with everybody! So, that's why every class is so professional, structured and interesting. I mean, these guys know a lot about yoga (and I mean A LOT), you will NEVER get bored, they teach numerous asanas (each time there's something new) providing you with endless opportunities to improve your flexibility, balance, strength, endurance and, with that, your state of mind and general well-being. They will make sure your body is pushed to the limits, however they will also check that you're not over stretching or putting too much pressure on where body can't handle. So, it's perfect for all levels! ;) In addition, Alyona and Anton often organize yoga training in parks and camping sites. It's wonderful to enjoy yoga in the morning feeling the grass and breathing fresh air, the best way to reconnect the nature and recharge yourself with tranquility. Then, you can enjoy a healthy picnic! We definitely recommend to experience yoga with Anton and Alyona! At last, it's great to enter that supportive environment where it's much easier to actually LIVE that healthy lifestyle that some people can only talk about.

Anna Makarenko Facebook profile

Proper hatha not for faint-hearted
There are plenty of yoga classes in Sydney. But in how many the student can say - the teacher spoke to me, checked my position and stance, suggested the variation appropriate to my level and still knew my name? Here is the deal - you come, you are given maximum of attention, but man, you work hard... whatever your level of advance is, you will know by the end of the session that you did this session properly. Hatha yoga as it is, asanas and pranayamas, all aspects are used, including asanas for massaging internal organs and meditation. How many yoga classes will teach you how to stimulate your intestine? Highly recommended for anyone with any level of knowledge of yoga. PS: After doing this class, you WILL NOT go to your gym yoga class again.

Alex Rivkin, Manager IT&SFacebook profile


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